PowerShield Commander 1100VA Line Interactive UPS – 990W



Pure Sine Wave Output
• The Commander Tower provides a sine wave output, even when the UPS is running off of its batteries.
• The pure sine wave offers an economical solution to back up gates, cameras, computers, motors, telephone systems and other sensitive equipment.

Output Power Factor 0.9
• With an output power factor of 0.9 the Commander Tower is a high-density UPS that will provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications.

Programmable Power Management
• Features a combination of both Australian and IEC outlets.
• With programmable power management outlets users can easily and independently control load segments.
• During power failure this feature enables users to extend battery time to mission-critical devices by shutting down noncritical devices in a timely manner.

Ultra Modern, Informative LCD
• Designed by Power Shield engineers this ultra modern LCD features extra large numeral displays and an informative OSD allowing users to view up to date information at a glance.

ECO Mode

• With built in advanced ECO mode this UPS will achieve an efficiency of up to 98% during normal mains operation.
• Using this option will allow for reduced ongoing running costs.

Smart AVR with Buck and Boost

• With a built in voltage regulator, the Commander Tower will maintain regulated nominal output without using battery power during brownouts and over-voltages.

Emergency Power Off Function (EPO)

• This feature can turn off and isolate the UPS in the event offires or other emergencies.

Multiple Communication Available

• USB, RS-232 supports PowerShield NetGuard® software for Windows, Linux and Mac
• Intelligent slot for either PSSNMPV4, PSAS400, PSMbus